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Alex Chartres, Group Business Manager for Riverbed at Nuvias, explains how Riverbed’s new SaaS Accelerator provides fast and predictable anywhere, anytime app performance for mobile workers. The migration...

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Alex Chartres, Group Business Manager for Riverbed at Nuvias, explains how Riverbed’s new SaaS Accelerator provides fast and predictable anywhere, anytime app performance for mobile workers.

The migration to the cloud and SaaS goes marching on as organisations look to benefit from service flexibility, agility, improved performance and user experience. Applications such as Microsoft* Office 365, Salesforce*, ServiceNow* and Box* are leading the way, and by 2020 it is predicted that companies will move as much as 80% of their applications into this environment1.  In April 2019, Microsoft reported that Office 365 had reached 180 million monthly active users, growing at a rate of around 27% year on year2.

The productivity of modern workforces depends on access to and the performance of these business-critical applications. And while the benefits of SaaS are clear, it appears that in some cases the SaaS providers are falling short of delivering on this promise. According to an ESG report earlier this year, 73% of respondents reported that they experience poor SaaS performance on a monthly basis and 90% indicated that this performance degradation impacts their business3.

The challenges of delivering fast and reliable SaaS applications gets tougher as the mobile workforce grows.  Employees can access apps on the go on a laptop from a home office, a coffee shop, an airport, or client sites halfway around the world; and no matter where they are, they expect their apps to be available and to respond quickly. But if the IT department does not have visibility into the application performance and data, it is not in a position to verify if the performance is poor or do anything to improve it.

Enter the SaaS Accelerator

Earlier this year, Riverbed recognised these problems and introduced its SaaS Accelerator solution, which provides leading-edge application acceleration directly to the laptops and other mobile devices of remote workers, wherever they are located.  Regardless of network latency, bandwidth constraints, or application contention, the SaaS Accelerator, in combination with the Riverbed Digital Experience Management (DEM) platform, accelerates SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365 by up to 33 times.

With a simple, subscription-based software license activation, the Riverbed SaaS Accelerator spins up in the cloud and works in conjunction with any Riverbed SteelHead appliances at branch sites, or SteelHead mobile clients on workforce laptops. It does not require any changes to the SaaS provider’s infrastructure and enterprises can choose which applications to accelerate, based on workforce requirements.

The Riverbed SaaS Accelerator’s benefits for the dynamic workforce include:

  • Agile: Easy to purchase, spin up and manage for all users. As-a-service offering ready to go in minutes. Automates complex security policy and troubleshooting operations associated with acceleration over distance.
  • Flexible: Based on workforce productivity requirements, globally accelerates SaaS to laptops, remote desktops or entire sites and easily shifts service to new or additional apps as needed. Easily integrated with Riverbed EUEM, SteelHead Mobile and SD-WAN offerings.
  • Fast: Accelerates SaaS performance up to 33x by mitigating latency and reducing the bandwidth of up to 99%. Improves user productivity and satisfaction.
  • Efficient:Concurrency of service helps eliminate unnecessary license fees.
  • Productivity: Reduces the loss in employee productivity as a result of slow, under-performing apps that can make a real difference to the business bottom-line.

Free SaaS accelerator trial from Nuvias

Right now, Nuvias is offering a free 30-day trial across Europe to its channel partners, for Riverbed customers, as an attachment to SteelHead Mobile renewals.

For more information on the free trial please contact your local Nuvias office.

For more information on the Riverbed SaaS Accelerator:

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