Mist Systems: the new face of AI-driven, wireless networks

In March 2019, Juniper Networks, a provider of automated, scalable, and secure networks, acquired Mist Systems, a pioneer in AI-driven, cloud-based wireless networks. Chris Stevens, Juniper Group Business...

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In March 2019, Juniper Networks, a provider of automated, scalable, and secure networks, acquired Mist Systems, a pioneer in AI-driven, cloud-based wireless networks. Chris Stevens, Juniper Group Business Manager at Nuvias Group and Michel Tepper, Solutions Architect and Juniper Ambassador at Nuvias Group, discuss the new business opportunities the addition of Mist Systems unlocks for the channel.

As Juniper’s only pan-European distributor, Nuvias provides channel partners in twenty European countries with a complete portfolio, encompassing both next-generation wireless and best-in-class wired LAN, SD-WAN and security solutions that deliver an unparalleled end-to-end user and IT experience.

“Mist brings automation and insight to wireless networks with an inline AI engine, programmable cloud, and world-class Access Points that converge Wi-Fi, virtual BLE, and IOT,” said Jeff Aaron, Vice President Enterprise Marketing at Juniper Networks.  “This makes Wi-Fi more predictable, reliable and measurable and enables companies to increase the value of their network with better end user engagement.”

Marvis: Mist’s assistant

Michel Tepper, one of only 25 Juniper Ambassadors worldwide comments: “Mist has a virtual Network assistant, Marvis, acting as a full-time RF expert.  You can ask network questions in everyday language and get actionable insight and prescriptive actions for rapid troubleshooting, predictive analytics and greater visibility into the health of customers’ networks.”

Patented Bluetooth technology

“Mist’s patented virtual Bluetooth LE technology provides scalable indoor location services without the need for physical battery-powered BLE beacons or overlay software”, says Stevens. “This improves interaction and feedback between people and devices with personalised  services like turn-by-turn direction and proximity notifications. The same solution can also be used to track the location of high value assets and it can integrate with IoT devices to activate systems.  BLE makes indoor location services scalable and easy to manage, bringing even more value to the wireless networks used by our customers”.

Mist Wi-Fi networks: the benefits

As Wi-Fi is increasingly business-critical in hotels, hospitals, stores, universities and in the digital workplace, there is a need for greater network assurance. Mist provides service levels to guarantee Wi-Fi performance, coupled with automation for rapid deployment, operations, and troubleshooting. This makes wireless truly ready for business-critical applications.

Mist is also fully open and programmable, enabling our customers to integrate with third party systems for automated workflows.  As the network industry shifts towards a DevOps approach to managing networks, this level of automation is key to our customers.

Nuvias: the distributor as an enabler

Juniper’s acquisition has given Mist a much greater presence in the market. “Nuvias is going to build on that advantage in Europe”, says Stevens. “Our teams have the expertise to train partners on Mist technology. We utilise a variety of vehicles, from webinars to face-to-face training, in-situ demo setups and live demonstrations in our offices. We are going to provide a demo pool for channel partners and develop resources to support co-branding, and successful selling by our partners.”

Addressing all market segments

The addition of Mist’s Wi-Fi solutions to Juniper’s portfolio has been received with enthusiasm by the channel. Tepper says: “I’ve been around a long time, but I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm during a product launch. That’s promising. Juniper has a solid reputation in the enterprise segment, in the data centre. Although Mist offers enterprise-grade solutions, it has a broader field of application, enabling channel partners to be active across lower market segments.

“This applies in particular to IoT applications”, adds Stevens. “Mist works with open APIs, giving app developers complete freedom for creativity in the IOT ecosystem, allowing them further optimisation. We are still in the early stages of developing a real digital workplace, watch this space for more innovation!”

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