A new way to WiFi – Getting to know Nokia AirScale

Did you know that Nokia offers some of the world’s most comprehensive Wi-Fi network solutions for mobile operators? Here’s how Nokia and their distributor partner Nuvias describe the...

Did you know that Nokia offers some of the world’s most comprehensive Wi-Fi network solutions for mobile operators? Here’s how Nokia and their distributor partner Nuvias describe the Nokia AirScale solution.

The future. You can’t see it, but you can be ready for it
The mobile industry as we know it is going through a radical transformation. Just think about augmented reality, smart cities, mobile living, the Internet of Things with billions of sensors, connected cars, e-health – the list goes on.

As the future becomes ever more unpredictable, two key requirements for Wi-Fi networks are agility and adaptability. This adaptability is most effective if it takes place automatically and in the background. From network elements to mobile phone apps, we often take technology for granted, without realising what really happens behind the scenes.

Nokia is responding to all the challenges with AirScale Radio Access, an entirely new way to build Wi-Fi access networks that deliver services with unlimited capacity scaling and market-leading latency and connectivity.

Beyond Gigabit speeds – while saving the planet
Most of a mobile operator’s carbon emissions come from the radio access network. That’s why Nokia AirScale spearheads a commitment to helping you build a sustainable business supported by a zero-emissions network. Innovative hardware and clever software radically cut base station energy consumption. Meanwhile, more cost-effective renewable energy sources are meeting site energy requirements.

10 ways Nokia AirScale delivers ten times the performance:
1. Meets the needs of data-hungry and lucrative new applications and services from 5G and IoT through scalable baseband capacity.
2. Delivers extreme broadband speeds that are ten times the performance of previous generation radio access base stations.
3. Supports multi-access edge computing for new apps that make use of local context to deliver more compelling, business-winning services.
4. Delivers ultra-low latency, which is essential to meet the needs of exciting new applications like remote surgery or autonomous cars.
5. Delivers continuous software updates to ensure the latest capabilities are brought online quickly.
6. Uses 60% less energy for lower costs to help improve profitability.
7. Installs are quick and easy for lower rollout costs.
8. Offers complete freedom since it is cloud-based and supports different architectures.
9. Existing radio network infrastructure can be used well into the future for the highest return on legacy investments.
10. Supports 2G-5G radio technologies, licensed and unlicensed spectrum – no matter what devices customers use, you can deliver the services they want seamlessly.

The AirScale Radio Access solution comprises:

    • AirScale Base Station including new RF elements and system modules.
    • AirScale Active Antennas for lean site solutions and massive MIMO.
    • AirScale Cloud RAN with AirScale Cloud Base Station Server and the Nokia AirScale RNC running on Nokia AirFrame cloud infrastructure.
    • AirScale Wi-Fi, including Wi-Fi Access points and AirScale Wi-Fi Controller running on Nokia AirFrame hardware.
    • Common software across Nokia’s radio access.
    • Management for AirScale Cloud RAN.
    • Services use intelligent analytics and extreme automation to maximise the performance of hybrid networks.

Why Nuvias and Nokia?
Nuvias is a new breed of distributor, offering high value and focussing on the delivery of in-depth specialist services to generate increased business revenue. Nuvias is collaborating with Nokia to ensure its market-leading technology solutions are delivered as part of channel packages offering maximum business ROI.

Nuvias provides Nokia with access to a wide network of partners experienced in communications and networking across the EMEA region, and Nokia has a unique place in the connected world, with a range of exceptional products. Nuvias is helping Nokia to successfully grow its pan-EMEA distribution network and increase sales in the enterprise and mid-market sectors through the channel.

Through mutual investment, Nuvias offers market-leading support to channel partners looking to grow their Nokia business.

For more get all the details about Nokia’s AirScale solutions here – and contact Nuvias here for more information.

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