First-Class Security: Chronic Network Infections at U.K. School No Match for VIPRE

Summary Prenton High School is a high-achieving academy for girls in Birkenhead, England, with 740 pupils and 97 staff members. Challenge Replace an antivirus solution that regularly missed...

Prenton High School is a high-achieving academy for girls in Birkenhead, England, with 740 pupils and 97 staff members.

Replace an antivirus solution that regularly missed new threats causing frequent network irregularities and system reboots.

ThreatTrack Security’s VIPRE Business Premium outperformed competing products by detecting and removing 99.99% of infections.

Winning Partnership
Prenton worked with solution provider Idency to deploy the best antivirus for their environment.

Something just wasn’t right with the network at Prenton High School for Girls. While it supposedly was protected against viruses and other malware, strange things were happening: Core server memory would run so high that it caused system failures and lockups, system irregularities were frustrating users daily, and the finance department was detecting odd entries in folders and files.

“On closer investigation, it was apparent that many of these systems had some sort of viral, malware or spyware infection that was simply being undetected by the current solution,” recalls Steve Graves, Prenton’s Strategic ICT Manager.

Prenton is an academy for girls aged 11 to 16 in Birkenhead, a town across the river from Liverpool. With 740 pupils and 97 staff members, Prenton is recognized for its achievements in IT, science, mathematics and performing arts.

A healthy IT network is essential to the school’s daily operations, so something had to be done. In a December 2014 call with Prenton’s IT services provider, Farnham, U.K.-based solution provider Idency, Steve mentioned he wanted to replace the school’s Microsoft Forefront antivirus solution.

“Idency recommend VIPRE straightaway as this is the primary AV solution we offer,” says James Crutcher, Idency Account Director.

A trial run was agreed. “VIPRE excelled during these tests. It detected 99.9% of infections and left all the systems in a stable state once it had removed the threat entirely,” Steve commented. “VIPRE’s detection-to-removal rate was top class. Our previous solution simply wasn’t able to detect a lot of the more recent and volatile threats to our network.”

Prenton High School tested five other solutions – McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Microsoft Forefront, Panda Cloud AV and Sophos – but each had one or more problems, such as missing too many infections, leaving systems unstable or costing too much. VIPRE Business Premium offered the right combination of performance, pricing and customer support.

Trouble-Free Installation

Two and a half weeks after Idency introduced Steve to VIPRE, the trial run had been completed and implementation begun. With Idency’s assistance, it took two days to get the tool up and running on Prenton’s network of physical and Hyper-V virtual servers.

VIPRE was deployed to servers for pre-scans and cleaning, and then the solution was installed on workstations and all known systems. Calling the installation “quick and seamless,” Steve stated he is pleased with VIPRE’s low overhead on both virtualized and legacy systems.

“During installation, VIPRE easily removed previously installed agents, and the management console’s intuitive design made the rollout effortless,” he adds. In all, more than 500 student and staff systems are now protected by VIPRE.

Quick Results

VIPRE quickly proved its value by spotting and removing an infection in Prenton’s domain controller that turned out to be the cause of recurring memory problems.

VIPRE has transformed how Prenton handles security threats. Steve commented – “It’s refreshing to be ahead of our network security rather than being reactive to issues. It still surprises users when we tell them they have a potential infected system before they are aware of it.”

In addition to its always-on active protection, VIPRE’s patch management tool is one of its proactive defences. It promptly identifies where patching is required and on how many systems.

Moreover, advanced reporting capabilities enable Graves to monitor systems and prepare regular reports on detections and systems health. “I am able to supply my senior leadership team with the information they require. It’s created a transparency of information for the security and betterment of the network.”

Superior Support

Aside from outmatching other AV tools at spotting infections, VIPRE outperformed competitors on support. Steve commented, “Working closely with ThreatTrack and Idency, whenever we had any issues or questions, they were answered.” This was something unique for VIPRE. With the other products, many calls or email were left unanswered. This was another reason for Prenton High School to choose VIPRE.

“Having confidence in your AV product is something that is a basic requirement. I can leave the school each day knowing that it’s secure, robust and protected. I am also in the safe knowledge that when we encounter issues from new threats, we have a support team that has already proven it will be by our side to get through whatever the digital world can throw at us.”


VIPRE is the small-footprint antivirus that defends your network without slowing it down. VIPRE Business

Premium – our most robust enterprise antivirus solution – includes antivirus for PCs and Macs; a firewall; bad website blocker; anti-phishing; integrated patch management to automatically update vulnerable software programs on your PCs; integrated Mobile Device Management to secure Android devices, iPads and iPhones; integrated security management for Hyper-V environments and more.

For more information on ThreatTrack and their products, click here.

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