Small but Mighty: Why tough cyber-security shouldn’t be out of reach for SMBs

By Donald Meyer, Head of Product Marketing, Data Centre.   It’s a common misconception that the amount you spend on cyber defences equates to greater security. The thinking...

By Donald Meyer, Head of Product Marketing, Data Centre.  

It’s a common misconception that the amount you spend on cyber defences equates to greater security. The thinking is that the multi-national corporations have huge budgets to invest in complex systems which render them untouchable. However, time has shown that even the largest companies (Sony, Talk-Talk, Three Mobile as just a few examples) are vulnerable to threat.

The real danger is in complacency and either failing to have any defence strategy at all or allowing an existing strategy to become dated. With recent findings by global insurers, Lloyds of London, finding that nine out of ten big UK businesses falling victim to some form of breach in the last 12 months the time for action is constantly on the agenda.

If big businesses aren’t immune, then what chance is there for the little guys?

When you consider that 90% of registered businesses are deemed Small or Medium sized, it’s little wonder that cyber criminals can spot the greater potential in this sector. And, whilst larger firms employ more complex systems, it is often easier pickings to target the SMBs. They know that it can be far easier to access the networks of these smaller organisations using simple methods that can be deployed and activated more quickly and with little effort.

The hard facts are that SMBs need robust security to protect their businesses just as much as larger organisations. In many instances, it is more essential as the cost of a data breach to a small business could be financially devastating; premium security solutions are a necessity and not a luxury.

The problem comes down to a mindset of cost vs risk.

And, whilst the threats has highlighted the risks as being real and ever-present the costs across the industry have failed to address the scalability required by SMBs to meet their budget demands.

Industry experts, Check Point, is recognised by Gartner Inc. as a leader in the provision of Unified Threat Management (UTM) within the magic quadrant of technologies; they are the only vendor who can also claim the same recognition for their Enterprise Network Firewall technology.

They can also lay claim to a highly valued “Recommended” rating issued by the independent security network testing organisations, NSS Labs for their SandBlast Next Generation Threat Prevention Solution. The produce was tested with other similar offerings in a controlled experiment and was found to be a superior breach detection system.

Offering dynamic and robust technologies to SMBs at scalable pricing, Check Point provides greater value within this sector whilst not sparing the need for sophisticated protection. Their security management systems lend confidence to business leaders that they are investing in a solution that can grow with an organisation, be adaptive to a changing landscape of threat and at the best value.

Cost should not be a barrier to providing the best protection for your network from the threat of cyber-attack and, with Check Points wide range of high-value solutions, there is no need to let budget be a sticking point.

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