Four ways to enhance video conferencing

  In the early days of business computing, companies were likely to have a big, expensive mainframe computer, housed in a special room, and used only by trained...


In the early days of business computing, companies were likely to have a big, expensive mainframe computer, housed in a special room, and used only by trained staff. Nowadays, computing is ubiquitous, personal and mobile, on laptops, tablets and smartphones, and we can’t imagine working without it.

Video conferencing is undergoing a similar transformation. Whereas video conferencing equipment was once found only in large, formal conference rooms, reserved for executive meetings, companies are now making video accessible for a wider range of employees, in smaller huddle rooms or even on the move.  This change is partly driven by the advent of consumer video-conferencing apps such as Skype and FaceTime, which in turn have increased employee demand. Research shows that 85 percent of employees use video-conferencing apps outside of work, and 63 percent of younger employees who enter the workforce expect to be able to use video at work as frequently as in their personal lives.

The same study, however, uncovered a gap between what workers want and what businesses provide. Only 28 percent said that their employers were proactively encouraging them to use video at work and 64 percent said their companies could make better use of live video meetings.  As this blog from Nuvias vendor BlueJeans shows, many businesses struggle to move on from the model of boardroom based video conferencing and, as such, are not getting the best from the equipment they currently have, nor benefiting from new models of more flexible, versatile video.

BlueJeans video conferencing products are designed to help companies do more with video, by enhancing traditional video conference rooms with touch-to-join meetings and transforming ordinary rooms into on-demand, video-enabled hubs. BlueJeans also takes conferencing further than the meeting room by enabling users to connect from anywhere, on any device, whilst maintaining the same modern, simple-to-use platform and user interface. At Nuvias, we offer a carefully curated set of solutions that enhance the BlueJeans video ecosystem, adding value and driving profitability for our partners.

These include the following four key enhancements:

  • Dolby Voice: A breakthrough in audio for meetings, allowing attendees to hear clearly and communicate naturally, as if they were in the same room, regardless of their location — enhanced in the boardroom by groundbreaking audio and video capabilities.
  • Huddly: Easy to use intelligent collaboration cameras, powered by USB, which enhance video quality. The cameras include features such as pan, tilt, and zoom, all of which help detect conference participants, ensure everyone is in frame and enjoys the best meeting experience.
  • Polycom: The Polycom trio conference phone enables easy access to meetings at the touch of a button. The unit offers a consistent user experience in a variety of room sizes and configurations, eliminating challenges that many organizations face today with disparate business tools throughout the office environment.
  • Sennheiser: Headsets and speakers for HD audio quality, providing reliability, speech intelligibility and ease of use. Whether for a small meeting or a presentation before a large audience, Sennheiser offers user-friendly, highly developed system solutions.

We can help you to mix and match these enhancements to create bespoke video conferencing solutions for your end customers. For more information please contact your account manager on 01635 225000

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