Hub 1.4 released – emulating users and making provisioning easier

Wednesday 7th March will see Nuvias release the latest version of Hub to all customers. Simplifying the ordering of provisioning on phones, user emulation and a whole host...

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Wednesday 7th March will see Nuvias release the latest version of Hub to all customers. Simplifying the ordering of provisioning on phones, user emulation and a whole host of other features which have all helped to streamline the ordering process. Read on to find out how your feedback is helping us improve Hub.

User Emulation

On of the biggest feature in this release is user emulation. As more and more of our direct customers make use of Hub to empower their channel with their own branded version of Hub, those users responsible for setting up branding, product catalogues, pricing or security roles want to be able to see the effect of their work just as their customers would see it. With emulation, you can now select a user to emulate and Hub will assume the identity of that user. You’ll be able to view and work in Hub as though you were that user.

Screenshot of Hub showing emulation link

Once you have emulated a user, a red bar will show along the bottom of the screen, reminding you that you’re currently browsing Hub through the eyes of someone else and allows you to stop. We also ensure that in the audit logs in Hub, that any actions taken whilst you’re emulating a user shows both the details of the user you were emulating as well as your own so that we maintain a full and complete audit log of actions at all times.

Screnshot of Hub showing emulation bar

Navigation changes

One of the immediate changes that many of you will notice is that we’ve swapped around the purchasing and selling options in the menu. A few of you asked for this as you were spending most of your time in the purchasing section. We’re looking at some additional changes here to help simplify the navigation for you.

Screenshot of Hub's new menu layout for the Store

Display model numbers

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our users about how they use Hub and many people wanted us to show the manufacturer’s SKU or model number next to the product description.

Screenshot of Hub showing product SKU

Basket handling

We have improved the handling of baskets . When you add new items to a basket, you now get a summary of the current contents of the basket showing up.

Screenshot showing basket improvements

This now gives you two immediate improvements – you can immediately name the basket on creation which many of our customers use to handle multiple orders simultaneously, calling their baskets either by the end customer name or a suitable reference. By seeing a summary of the content of the basket, you can quickly identify the basket you’re working on even if you’ve created multiple baskets using the default name.

Order handling

We’ve had a lot of feedback on the order process and we’ve done a lot of work here in 1.4. The big change first of all – we’ve drastically simplified the process of adding provisioning onto an order. Hub now knows which provisioning types apply to which devices and will automatically show you the correct options when you check out.

Screenshot of Hub showing order workflow improvements

Each line item can have a different provisioning type applied to it and the page will automatically update the costs as you go along.

The provisioning instructions box hasn’t changed, meaning you can still pass detailed instructions through to our team for fulfilment.

Additionally, we’ve increased the amount of information we show on the screen and made navigation through the order process much more flexible.

We hope you enjoy using Hub and that you find these improvements we’ve made make your day easier! Why not drop us a note and let us know – we love hearing from you and listen to all of your feedback!

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