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By Barry Mattacott, Marketing Director of Wick Hill  A huge Thank You to everyone that supported Wick Hill and our vendors by voting in the Computing Security Awards....

By Barry Mattacott, Marketing Director of Wick Hill 

A huge Thank You to everyone that supported Wick Hill and our vendors by voting in the Computing Security Awards. We particularly like these awards because they are voted for by our peers, the readers of Computing Security Magazine, our resellers and the product end-users. The other format is for the awards to be judged by a panel of industry experts, the notable one with this format for us are the CRN Channel Awards. Both formats have their merits

These awards come in two parts, first a round of nominations. People that know your company and products request that you are given a place on the shortlist of finalists. Generally a category will end up with about 6 to 8 finalists. I am told that these can often be drawn from as many as a “few dozen” that receive nominations. So you can see that just getting through to be a finalist is a big achievement in itself.

Once the finalists are announced, the serious voting begins. Sometimes you hear criticism levelled at voted awards that go along the lines of “We are good enough to be a finalist, but not big enough to be a winner”. I can see the point, the bigger your customer base, the bigger your base of potential voters is. However, you only have to look at some of the winners (and not winners, let’s not use the term losers) of the Computing Security Awards to see that often really quite small and less well known organisations win.

So how does that happen? Dedication and commitment. Customers of less well known solutions have often adopted them because they have done their research rather than just opted for the market leader. This makes them far more invested and a much bigger supporter and therefore much more likely to support and vote.

The finalist’s own staff are also more committed to building the organisation up, so they actually canvas for votes, speaking about the awards nomination and requesting that their contacts get involved and vote. They don’t sit back and expect the company to win just because they work for a major international organisation.

It is behaviour like this from users and staff that turns those smaller brands into giant killers and regularly throw out surprise winners (and not winners) at the Computing Security Awards.

This was a great year for Wick Hill and our vendors. 11 of our vendors were finalists in 16 different categories. If you include ourselves we totalled up to 25 finalist places between us all.

And our winners were …

ThreatTrack Vipre – Anti Malware Solution of the Year
This was a Magic win for these guys beating some really stiff competition from some of the biggest international names in security. A real giant killer.

Macmon NAC – Network Access Control Solution of the Year
A little bit of a surprise win for a relatively new vendor to the UK market coming out of Germany. A true testament to the strength of their technology and the commitment of their supporters.

WatchGuard M300 – SME Security Solution of the Year
Perhaps an almost easy win by a product that is very strong and an excellent fit in the SME space.

Wick Hill – Security Distributor of the Year
We are extremely grateful to have once more been given this recognition by our peers.

Corey Nachreiner – Personal Contribution to IT Security
Even though Corey (CTO at WatchGuard) beat our Chairman Ian Kilpatrick to gain this accolade, we are the first to acknowledge that he is a very deserving winner. Check out his daily videos on YouTube to stay fully abreast of anything important happening in the world of security.

Again, a massive THANK YOU from myself, Ian Kilpatrick and the whole of Team Wick Hill for your support of us and our vendors. In return we assure you that we will spend the next year trying our hardest to serve your needs and those of our industry.

Threat Track

Above: Majid Mohamed of ThreatTrack Vipre looking suitably pleased with their giant killing win.


Above: Team WatchGuard looking happy with their double win.

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