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Training can often be overlooked by businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, it is an essential part of business. Keeping up with industry developments and being the...

Training can often be overlooked by businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, it is an essential part of business. Keeping up with industry developments and being the innovators and early adopters of new technology is key to get ahead of competitors. Having a healthy training program will ensure employee confidence, customer satisfaction and profit margins can be as high as possible.

Training is a high priority for Wick Hill. The company has its own dedicated training suite and by utilising these services, we can greatly enhance our partner’s offerings, generate additional revenue, and ensure a competitive edge. Well trained teams from the top down ensure a better overall service to customers.

Our key focuses when conducting training events:

  • Added Flexibility: Coordinating training schedules can be difficult. That’s why we offer each course at least once per month at our training centre. It’s important to be as flexible as possible, that’s why we also offer in-house training at client offices.
  • Extensive Offerings: Our instructors are highly skilled engineers with practical experience, as well as having received and passed vendor designed “train the trainer” accreditation courses. It is essential that our trainers are industry and product experts.
  • Hands On: All Wick Hill courses are instructor led, providing hands on learning, problem solving activities and constructive feedback. All courses are designed to provide each individual with their own environment and hardware where applicable. The intention is for our customers to walk away from the course with the real ability to install, configure and manage the solution they have just been trained on. Not just text book learning in order to pass an exam.
  • Experienced Instructors: Not only are all instructors accredited to train by the relevant product vendor, but also have many years’ experience of 2nd and 3rd line support. All our instructors are from the technical support and pre sales teams within Wick Hill and are technical experts rather than just trainers. We feel it is important to use experts who actively do the job day in day out as instructors. This way we can keep up with latest industry knowledge and pass it down almost immediately to training delegates.

IT Staff need to leave any training course with a functional understanding of the solutions provided by the trainers in a format as close as possible to how they are commonly deployed in an application delivery network. Courses should also cover a variety of solutions and how typical administrative and operational activities are performed. Wick Hill provide course materials that include instruction – both verbal, physical and interactive, hands-on lab activities and of course, discussions with an industry technical expert.

The courses that are available include:

  • Check Point R75 CCSA, CCSE, Combined CCSA & CCSE Bootcamps and Endpoint E80
  • WatchGuard accredited 3day XTM & XCS courses with exam
  • 1day Administration course for XTM
  • Vasco accredited exam and bespoke training courses
  • Kaspersky accredited course with exam and bespoke training courses
  • Allot certified accredited course with exam and bespoke training courses
  • SafeNet certified one day course

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